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No sex yet? You still should sleep together!

May 10th, 2007 

There are a lot of reasons why you still don’t have sex with your lady. Maybe, you are still young (in these days? duh…), or maybe it’s your first night together. If everyone is mad about sex, if everybody are doing it (actually, it’s only an illusion that you roommate have sex nine times a week) it doesn’t mean you must do it. You still can wait… Because there are plenty of reasons to sleep together without having sex:
1. warmness. “It feels so warm to sleep together” – you hear a teenager speaking and you nod your head thinking “enjoy while it lasts”. Have you ever noticed, that it really feels awesome to sleep together when you just fell in love. It seems you can fit in the smallest couch ever, and still you feel comfortable and refreshed in the morning. The feeling of warmness should be cherished and remembered. Enjoy, while it lasts…
2. intimacy. You just fell in love? You still do not know a lot of things about each other. Make a good use of that – talk. When you are lying facing each other you can feel the intimacy flowing in the air. You can talk so openly because you see her eyes, and can control the flow of conversation. And the feeling of your bodies touching each other makes your feel every heartbeat, right?
3. awakening. It’s never been so easy and fun to wake up when you know you will see her face. Yes, that’s the moment when the sleeping beauty was born. Look at her face while she is sleeping. Gently touch her face, stroke her hair slowly. While your eyes sparkles with love you should enjoy that moment!
4. heroism. The easiest way to be her hero of the day – wake up first and make breakfast. It doesn’t have to be something special, make her a sandwich and a cup of tea. Of course, you could astonish her with your cooking skills, but beware – it is easy to get used to good stuff. Do you want to be her hero of the night? No, no! No sex (have you read the post topic?), rather give her a warm massage. Here again, you doesn’t have to be an expert in the field. Just stroke her back gently with repeating movements.
5. desire. Is there any better way to pour more fuel in the fire? Sleeping together while you don’t make love is the way to make you crazy. Both of you! You feel every movement of her body, so does she. And you both are burning in the desire… The eternity of waiting for something special. You should enjoy these kind of nights, because we have them so seldom these days.

Cupid Boy.

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Your Woman Is an Alien!

May 4th, 2007 · No Comments

Women are aliens! Duh? Ok, they are not (most likely). However, at least they are out of space. Women are completely different from men. Their way of thinking (or absence of that trait), their feelings, dreams - everything differs from men’s. Their style of walking (try to mimic women’s butt swinging - impossible, unless you are a professional dancer), their shopping skills (well, of course, nowadays there are some men too with unlimited credits), their emotions while watching films (how many times can you cry seeing Leonardo DiCaprio to drown with Titanic?).

And the first TIP any angel (Cupid girl, or Cupid boy) could give you - accept that difference. In this way, you will become the man she adores all life long.
It’s allowed to watch football while drinking beer in front of huge TV screen. There is nothing wrong when you forget her friends birthdays (not too often). It’s even OK, to give her less time than she asks for (making her miss you) - all of these are allowed, because you’re are THE MAN.

Bear in mind, because she is woman - she is allowed to cry one minute and to smile another one, to go on shopping spree, to eat all the chocolate and to mutter how ugly she looks, to ask whether she is beautiful and to get mad no matter what you answer was. Yes, woman have too many distinctions even to compare them with men.

And all you can (and surely should) do - accept that. Accept you woman is from Venus (or any other planet) and you will get in the win-win situation. ACCEPT her as a HUMAN BEING, ACCEPT yourself as a completely different HUMAN BEING. Therefore, you will not feel bad when doing men’s stuff, and you will let her crazy actions pass by without harming you.

Remember, regardless of your differences, you can still be in love. And you probably will.

Cupid Boy.

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Show your love - follow instructions

April 23rd, 2007 · No Comments

Are you in love?
No? Well, have you ever been in love?
Yes? Does she know that? Are you sure?

Have you been in situation like you couldn’t find right words to say what you were feeling? Well, everyone has, and this is not the situation to be ashamed of. However, sometimes you do not need words. You just need to find a way to express your feelings without even saying anything. You think that’s hard? Well, think again!

With cupids tips you’ll learn how to show love for your significant one. And it even doesn’t matter, whether you are a woman or a man… you’ll both learn how to show love signs, how to create magic and share it with your loved one. We are here to help you… with step-by-step guides and little spells tricks, with cupid tips to improve your love life. Stay here with us, and you will learn to show your love.

Cupid Boy
- tips and tricks from man’s point of view.
Cupid Lady - spells and magic of love from woman’s point of view.

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