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Your Woman Is an Alien!

May 4th, 2007 · No Comments

Women are aliens! Duh? Ok, they are not (most likely). However, at least they are out of space. Women are completely different from men. Their way of thinking (or absence of that trait), their feelings, dreams - everything differs from men’s. Their style of walking (try to mimic women’s butt swinging - impossible, unless you are a professional dancer), their shopping skills (well, of course, nowadays there are some men too with unlimited credits), their emotions while watching films (how many times can you cry seeing Leonardo DiCaprio to drown with Titanic?).

And the first TIP any angel (Cupid girl, or Cupid boy) could give you - accept that difference. In this way, you will become the man she adores all life long.
It’s allowed to watch football while drinking beer in front of huge TV screen. There is nothing wrong when you forget her friends birthdays (not too often). It’s even OK, to give her less time than she asks for (making her miss you) - all of these are allowed, because you’re are THE MAN.

Bear in mind, because she is woman - she is allowed to cry one minute and to smile another one, to go on shopping spree, to eat all the chocolate and to mutter how ugly she looks, to ask whether she is beautiful and to get mad no matter what you answer was. Yes, woman have too many distinctions even to compare them with men.

And all you can (and surely should) do - accept that. Accept you woman is from Venus (or any other planet) and you will get in the win-win situation. ACCEPT her as a HUMAN BEING, ACCEPT yourself as a completely different HUMAN BEING. Therefore, you will not feel bad when doing men’s stuff, and you will let her crazy actions pass by without harming you.

Remember, regardless of your differences, you can still be in love. And you probably will.

Cupid Boy.

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